CENIT Retention Solution – Compliance for your FileNet Repository

Manage document retentions, deletions and legal holds professionally

Companies suffer from litigation and high fines for not managing their documents properly. This has become even worse with the introduction of strict, extraterritorial data protection regulations like GDPR or CCPA, which include the right to be forgotten. Unfortunately documents in the FileNet repository contain a lot of personal data. So it‘s definitely not safe to keep everything. Managing retentions of documents has become essential – and pays off quickly.

The CENIT Retention Solution (CRS) is a lightweight solution which complements the basic retention functionality of FileNet P8, helping workers to manage document retentions, deletions and legal holds in a consistent and auditable way.



Get insight into retention settings and manage approval processes for deletions and holds consistently and less error-prone


Mitigate risks of violating compliance regulations and avoid heavy fines


Free up storage resources by deleting documents no longer needed



Reports provide you an overview of all documents to be deleted and their retention settings, structured for example by objectclass, properties or storage area. These reports can be generated ad-hoc or automatically and be sent to the relevant workers based on a predefined schedule, for example as daily manifest to your data stewards. 

Event-based Assignment of Retentions

If a specific event has occurred for a document or a folder CRS will automatically assign the retention period defined for such an event. This reduces efforts for the worker and makes it less error-prone to assign retention periods for specific types of documents, like contracts or invoices.

Auditable Deletions

Documents are deleted in a controlled and secure manner, either manually or in automated batches. All deletions and modifications are logged for auditing purposes.

Consistent Approvals

Critical documents can be deleted only after the appropriate approvals, which can be multistage. Some documents might be deleted after being reviewed by four eyes, others might require more approvers. To minimize the efforts for the knowledge workers, approvals can be done in batches instead on a document level.

Protecting Documents with Holds

Documents not to be deleted can be protected by manual or automated holds if they are still needed, for example for litigations.


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