Strategy consulting

Modular and proven process model of strategy consulting

CENIT strategy consulting takes place alongside our proven process model, focused on relevant priority areas.

The analysis of technical processes and needs forms the basis of our product and manufacturer-independent consulting.     A target vision and the action required is derived from this in a common dialog with our customer.

This can also be supplemented by the selection of solutions and recommendations, and by ROI considerations and the creation of a master plan.


CENIT consultants provide support in the various disciplines of enterprise information management:

In doing so, we focus on

  • 360° customer communication with multi channel input and output and the use of intelligent assistance systems
  • Data-based approaches for planning and reporting, analytics and predictive
  • Application modernization and migration
  • Process management, file solutions, content management and archiving 

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Process consulting and solution design

CENIT process consulting and solution design

The right ideas for your information and process management

Are my processes sufficiently digitalized and are they continually supported by IT systems?

How can I automate redundant, time-consuming process steps and transform processing into knowledge work?

How can I communicate more efficiently with my customers?

How can cognitive computing support my processes and raise the analysis and projection of my data to the next level?

CENIT consultants will give you answers to all these questions. Together with you, they will develop innovative, future-oriented concepts for your information and process management. We provide creative solutions for the digital transformation of your processes!

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Realization & implementation

From analytics to central process management:

CENIT implements your information management

Regardless of whether you take an agile or traditional approach to the project: CENIT is your partner for the realization of the digital transformation

We implement powerful analytics and reporting solutions based on cognitive computing. We integrate your ECM platform centrally and seamlessly into your IT landscape.

Thus you can digitally control your processes at all times and stay competitive in the long run.

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Managed services

Managed services as the new kick for your business model?

Expectations on digitally accessible products and services are growing constantly. 

Only a consistent overall concept gives you the option of using services flexibly and offering them simply.

Whether Cloud or on-premise: CENIT as partner for modern business models in connection with scalable solutions and new services.

  • Optimization of maintenance and operating procedures
  • Reduction of costs through managed services model
  • Customer focus with modern and agile business models

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Stefan Jamin

Stefan Jamin

Senior Manager Industries and Innovation, Enterprise Information Management

Carmen Baier

Carmen Baier

Senior Manager Digital Finance, Enterprise Information Management

Michael Frihs

Michael Frihs

Head of Sales, Enterprise Information Management

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