Operating a PLM system can be highly complex and expensiv. Application Management Services (AMS) offered by CENIT provides end-to-end services specific for your application landscapes.

From full-scale operation of applications to user support, we ensure that your applications run smoothly across the entire lifecycle and that you have the right resources available at the right place and the right time.

This gives you time to concentrate on what is truly important to you –the company core business.

We offer a wide range of services for deployment and efficient operation of PLM application infrastructures. Depending on individual needs, we install systems, operate them, assume proactive maintenance, and continually provide consulting knowhow.

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Defined standards and automated processes thanks to ITIL-based Application Management

The ITIL standard is the basis for all Application Management Services in our portfolio. This rules framework encompasses structural organization, processes and tools for efficient and automated workflows within an IT infrastructure.

CENIT relies on this system in active customer support and helps customers introduce ITIL. In addition to working with ITIL best practices, we also have extensive experience in many branches of industry. We are therefore able to customize standard processes to client-specific framework conditions and requirements.

The use of ITIL leads to sustained cost reductions. Problems can be resolved more efficiently and rapidly by applying structured, standardized approaches, leading to greater customer satisfaction.


  • Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and interfaces
  • Structured workflows, standardization and automation
  • Enhanced quality
  • Elimination of unnecessary activities
  • Continual improvement of service (CIP)

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