CENIT PLM Consulting

PLM Consulting brings efficiency and success to Product Development

The digital transformation is revolutionizing the business processes and business models of companies across all industries. That includes companies in the manufacturing segment. In the new world, manufacturers have to produce all their products - even custom orders - faster and with more flexibility and agility. To do that, they need effective product lifecycle management (PLM).

CENIT has proven, comprehensive methods to manage these new product cycles, based on years of direct experience. With that experience, our PLM can help you plan your conversion to industry 4.0, by:

  • Identifying areas with potential for more efficient product development,
  • Optimizing the processes in those areas, and therefore
  • Securing you a competitive edge in the market.

PLM: Maximizing efficiency in product development

With CENIT’s PLM, our primary goal is to develop the most systematic and targeted approach to your product development processes. We’ll optimize the use of every engineering tool available to you. With our expertise in product lifecycle management, you’ll make your production more efficient, thereby reducing both time and expense.

To start, we scrunitize your existing structure and processes for standardization, modularization, automation and consistency of development data. Then we recommend and implement these attributes for each process in the chain. We ensure the duration of our consulting project to optimize your CAx infrastructure is manageable to you. And, within a short time, you’ll see your savings exceed the cost of the investment - a positive ROI.



Your organization will become more efficient by:

  • Standardizing the product development process
  • Becoming more flexible at custom order development
  • Reducing development time
  • Raising quality levels while reducing expenses
  • Automating recurring tasks
  • Minimizing potential errors and associated costs

Ready for your digital transformation?

Here are some basic questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have basic models and templates for your product development processes?
  • Are your product development solutions and processes clear and understandable?
  • Is the quality of your product output consistent and acceptable?
  • Are recurring tasks automated, or are they still manual?
  • Is your specialized product and process knowledge documented and understandle?
  • Is crucial production information readily available to everyone in your company that needs it?
  • Do you maintain and document the requirements, processes and standard for product development and production?
  • Can custom orders be filled flexibly and quickly?
  • Do you have clear part and template catalogs?
  • Have you documented and saved the design and know-how discovered in during product development?

If the answer to any of these is “no,” PLM consulting will benefit you.

Proving PLM is a Sound Investment

In most cases, a quick analysis show PLM consulting quickly pays off. Take a consulting engagement of 25,000 €, for example. Assuming a potential savings of 3 working days per month at typical internal hourly rates, the engagement can pay for itself in only 16 months. 

Exemplary ROI

How long does a PLM consulting project take?

To facilitate an introduction into our PLM methods, we start with a free, no-obligation assessment of your existing processes and needs. We’ll work with you to target processes with worthwhile potential for optimization. Then we’ll compare your current methods with our customary "best practices.”

When we’ve identified potential areas for improvement and an implementation cost that is economical for you, we’ll deliver a detailed proposal via a workshop. As part of this process, we will prepare a project specification based on your individual requirements, including modular components and an ROI consideration. You can then decide which components you wish to be included in the implementation.

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