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Fast and intuitive creation of 3D lettering / engraving

CENIT software CREATEGRAVURE supports the fast and intuitive creation of 3D lettering / engraving from any text within the CATIA V5 environment. The software can be used directly on an existing CATIA V5 standard workstation (version R18 or higher) and without additional licenses - the basic licenses MD2 or CAT+MCE are sufficient.

User is supported with the following functionalities:

  • Generation of three-dimensional lettering on flat and curved surfaces
  • Text elements are created using tangent-continuous splines
  • The accuracy is adjustable
  • Support of TrueType, OpenType and CATIA-Stroke-Font Fonts
  • Common font formatting (left- and right-hand flush, centered) are controlled by additional alignment options of the engraving (above, in the middle or below the curve)
  • 2D and 3D output possible
  • Possibility of extension with logos, symbols and own fonts
  • Direct transfer of the contours into the NC environment for immediate use in suitable engraving operations


  • Enables fast and tangential generation of 3D engravings within CATIA V5
  • Intuitive operation
  • Font selection easy to configure
  • Custom logos, fonts and symbols can be incorporated
  • No additional licenses necessary
  • Associative linking of the characters enables a simple, subsequent
  • Moving the lettering on the curve
  • Time savings of 30% to 90% in the creation of engravings
  • Text easily editable and immediately reusable in the process chain for mold making or milling

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