The challenge that companies are faced with in terms of saving costs and bringing innovative products to the market before the competition does requires targeted product development from the very beginning. The use of virtual simulation and analysis programs enables the analysis and determination of feasibility of design and manufacturing concepts even at the very early stages of development. This way, problem areas can be identified and corrected early on to avoid subsequent costly change cycles.

Interdepartmental tolerance management is a decisive key in optimizing product quality.

And this is exactly what the software products for tolerance management by DCS (Dimensional Control System) support.

3DCS Variation Analyst Suite: Cost-effective function and manufacturing process analyses on virtual prototypes

The 3DCS Variation Analyst Suite supports the realistic analysis and simulation of virtual prototypes in terms of their functional safety. Under consideration of joining and assembly processes, manufacturing processes can be visualized and examined with the target.

Knowledge of the expected process variations and their main contributors offers the possibility to optimize product quality as early as possible and in a target-oriented manner and to reduce product costs.


  • Function and quality analysis of products based on virtual prototypes
  • Cost savings through economic tolerance concepts
  • Early optimization of process reliability in manufacturing processes
  • Reduction of tool and fixture changes
  • Increase in customer satisfaction through optimized product quality
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CENIT specialists support you in all issues and tasks pertaining to tolerance management. We would be pleased to assist you in the selection of your software. In addition, we can also demonstrate the benefits of the solutions for your company with pilot projects. During the introduction phase, we will support you with our basic and software training programs. Our competent hotline service guarantees the efficient use of the software solutions in your company.


  • the basics of tolerancing
  • The basics of tolerance calculation 3DCS training
  • 3DCS basic training
  • 3DCS workshop
  • 3DCS Compliant Modeler
  • 3DCS Release Update 3DCS Consulting: Project-related support of 3DCS user


CENIT as a DCS sales partner offers the following software solutions:

  • 1DCS: 1D Tolerance Analysis
  • 3DCS Variation Analyst: Solution for complex 3D tolerance analyses
  • 3DCS Mechanical Variation Analyst: Constraint- and joint-based solution for the calculation of kinematic systems
  • QDM: Measurement data management solution for the management and evaluation of measurement data

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