Our experts develop an optimum and high-performance post processor (PP) for your specific machine programming system requirements combination.

The development as well as adjustment is quickly and optimally implemented for CATIA as well as for all other APT-based programming systems as well as for any conceivable manufacturing processes.

 If you would like to make use of the opportunity to independently create and modify post processors, we offer the perfect basis with our software FASTPOST as well as the respective training programs. FASTPOST offers all the necessary functionalities to define NC sequences quickly and easily. Even the most complex NC processes can be generically mapped with the integrated macro language. You don't want to learn the specifics of PP generation – benefit from our high-performance, extensive standard PPs. Thanks to their extensive delivery scope incl. installation instructions, reference process and the complete online documentation, standard PPs can be put into operation quickly and easily.


  • Long-standing interdisciplinary experience
  • Special expert teams for individual industry sectors
  • Standard post processors that can be implemented immediately
  • 10-day test licenses
  • Specific technology solutions

Service scope

Our comprehensive scope of services supports you with the following functions:

  • Milling and drilling at any room level (multi-sided processing and 3+2 axis milling)
  • Simultaneous processing
  • Processing 2D contours and pockets at any level (circular pocketing in various levels, contours with and without radius correction and conic pocketing)
  • Comprehensive drilling cycles (standard drilling cycles: Breakchip drilling, counter boring, deephole drilling with retract, drilling with dwell delay, drilling with chip break, spot drilling, tapping, thread milling)
  • Tool changes, origin management
  • Various M commands

Virtual control

A holistic, realistic and exact simulation can be generated with CENIT's FASTCONTROL, without the NC programme losing its control functionality.

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