CENIT Manufacturing

Digital transformation in the Home & Lifestyle sector

The Home & Lifestyle sector is on the road to change

Today's customer is more in the center of attention than ever before. A new generation of shoppers is demanding a personalized shopping experience and forcing a rethink within existing ways of working. Product requirements are becoming more complex, driven by the desire for individual, customized solutions and smart products.

Many companies face the challenge of visualizing and simulating these customer needs early in the development process. In addition, companies are confronted with increasing pressure to act sustainably, international regulations and new, flexible supply chains. These factors require a completely new flexibility in production.

Due to this shifted focus, our business partners are looking more than ever for solutions to involve end users early in the product development process and make products experienceable at an early stage.

The options for stakeholder involvement are numerous and individual. They range from setting up communication platforms to configuration solutions. Each of these implementations requires new ways of technical communication and the early involvement of suppliers in the process. At the same time, this approach looks for ways to minimize time-to-market and number of prototypes.

Why it is so important to adapt to this change at an early stage

In order to retain customers in the long term, it is essential to create these user experiences and offer end consumers a new way of life.

This requires new concepts, ideas, quick responses to buyer feedback and ultimately a new flexibility in the development process.

How are our customers responding to tomorrow's world?

Many of our customers are using Dassault Systèmes' collaborative PLM platform 3DEXPERIENCE to address these challenges. Breaking down communication barriers is at the forefront here. The platform connects all stakeholders in your organization across the end-to-end product lifecycle. With connectivity to your ERP solution, the platform enables a 360° information view and realizes holistic digital collaboration.

Meet the challenges of tomorrow today.