Efficient and flexible product development for start-ups

Focus on efficiency

Special attention is paid to the efficient use of limited resources and to setting the right priorities. Every year, the German Start-up Monitor (DSM) summarizes statements from start-ups in Germany on the respective priorities that the young companies set themselves. In 2019, 81% of the start-ups stated that product development is (very) important. In addition, the development and implementation of functional processes, structures and communication channels is rated as a (very) important company priority (63.9%). The goal is to increase the coordination and efficiency of the start-ups in the long term and thus achieve sustainable growth.

Choosing the right solution

As CENIT AG, we support you in setting up or further developing your product development in a sustainable manner and tailored to your needs. With 3DEXPERIENCE we offer a cloud-based platform for efficient cooperation in product development. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides all the necessary tools to accompany a product from the initial idea, CAD design, simulation and production to the creation of high-end marketing materials. The solution can be flexibly and scalably adapted to functional and organizational changes and does not require an existing IT infrastructure.

Thanks to our years of experience, we are experts in many industries, such as aerospace, transport & mobility, life science, consumer goods or high-tech industry. As a consultant and service provider, we accompany you from solution finding to implementation, taking into account the different levels of maturity and requirements of young companies. What stage are you in?



Cloud Whitepaper

What stage are you in?

Seed StageStart-up StageGrowth StageLater Stage
  • Employees: 1- 4
  • Status: In foundation
  • Capital: None / Small
  • Degree of innovation: High
  • Complexity: Low
  • Awareness level: Low
  • Market position: Not consolidated
  • Turnover/users: None
  • Employees: 5-10
  • Status: In the foundation/ founded
  • Capital: Low
  • Degree of innovation: High
  • Complexity: Increasing
  • Awareness level: Low
  • Market position: Not consolidated
  • Turnover/users: First
  • Employees: 11-49
  • Status: Founded
  • Capital: Increasing
  • Degree of innovation: Decreasing
  • Complexity: Increasing
  • Awareness level: Increasing
  • Market position: Increasingly consolidated
  • Sales/users: Increasing
  • Employees: 50+
  • Status: Founded, if necessary adjustment of the company form
  • Capital: Funds
  • Degree of innovation: Medium
  • Complexity: High
  • Awareness level: Medium
  • Market position: Strengthened
  • Sales/users: Increasing
  • How do I discuss initial ideas and translate them into comprehensible requirements?
  • Which requirements do I have in the CAD/ECAD/software area?
  • How do I start designing and what is the best software for me?
  • How do I draw the right conclusions from the first market response?
  • How do I deal with product changes?
  • How do I keep the focus on my core tasks right from the start and ensure a clear assignment of tasks?
  • How do I introduce the first management methods in time?
  • How do I define my digital product development process?
  • How do I guarantee flexibility/scalability in IT in order to be able to react quickly to functional or organizational requirements?
  • How do I increase the visibility of my products and my company in order to collect more money and to inspire potential customers?
  • How do I structure my production in the future?
  • How do I maintain my innovative way of working?
  • How do I keep an eye on my market and its trends so that I can react quickly to changes?
  • How can I keep track of the increasing number and complexity of tasks, activities and responsibilities?
Support of CENIT
  • Transfer of CENIT's know-how and experience from other start-up projects
  • Rapid provision of a cost-effective software for the implementation of the ideation process and the first product development
  • Solutions for simple, traceable and interdisciplinary change management
  • Clearly structured Best Practice Workshops to build up know-how and to be able to use the solution optimally
  • Discussion and development of different action alternatives for a goal-oriented and individual PEP
  • Ready4Cloud service offering for a standardized and flat entry into PLM
  • Joint development of a future PLM strategy
  • Services for the setup, integration and structuring of the production
  • Business platform with lean, targeted processes that prevent "bloating"