In the age of digitalization, production is facing a phase of upheaval as the most important pillar of the value chain in many industrial companies. Manufacturing companies have to face new challenges due to the changed market situation.

More and more, customers are demanding tailor-made, partially individualised products. The challenge for companies is, to optimize costs besides significantly shorter delivery times despite the increased variety of variants.

Forecasts for production planning usually only provide planning security for a short period of time, whereby the factors "flexibility" and "changeability" become more and more important. 

In order to meet the new requirements, the optimization of planning speed and planning quality is essential. Here software solutions for the digital factory provide the possibility to merge virtual and real world. Transparency, collaboration and knowledge transfer are guaranteed in a continuous platform and goals such as "lot size 1" and "intelligent automation" are not only visions of the future.


  • Solutions for networked production on the integrated 3DEXPERIENCE business platform
  • Worldwide access to centrally stored data in real time
  • Collaboration and transparency in the company

Solution components of the DELMIA product portfolio

  • DELMIA 3DEXPERIENCE platform apps for planning, simulation, validation and operation of an optimized and networked production
  • DELMIA Ortems for current production optimization
  • DELMIA Apriso for operational production management

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