Our experts for the digital factory always find the right solution for your manufacturing requirements. Based on practical and competent process consulting, we establish the optimum connection between the digital company and the real production world.

Industry-specific standard processes are established in a customized manner. You and your company save COST, stay competitive and increase quality.


By optimally implementing our software modules, we guarantee comprehensive service and special integration into your process environment.

Our service support starts as early as your decision-making phase (pilot project), we ensure optimum implementation (specific developments and adjustments of software and methods, as well as post processors) and we are also there for you later during productive use (hotline and project support).

Implementation Services

To make sure that FASTSUITE users are trained properly and that the solutions are customized to perfectly fit into customer environments, we offer a full range of implementation services:

  • Software Installation
  • Customization
  • User Training and Support

Development Services

Based on the openness of FASTSUITE, we are offering to develop and implement customer specific applications. Further, we are able to provide the necessary services to extend the product scope to support resources which are not yet covered by our standard offering.

  • Customer specific applications
  • Customer specific technology apps
  • Translators / post processors
  • Special invers kinematic solvers
  • Interfaces with external Systems

Engineering Services

Our application engineers can also support our customer with engineering services. As experienced users of FASTSUITE they can help you to do offline programming, to run simulation projects for case studies, process validations or create your own simulation resource libraries.

  • Offline Programming
  • Resource Library Creation
  • Simulation Projects
  • Robot Calibration



  • Individually designed processes 
  • Intelligent optimization 
  • Experienced consulting team 
  • Competent support that extends far beyond implementation