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Increase transparency and product quality to avoid manual rework by digitalizing your quality assurance process. We accompany you during the analysis and optimization in the area of tolerance- and quality management. Thereby we show possibilities how product design, tolerance definition and measurement technology can be linked consistently. Our long-standing experience from reference projects in automotive and aircraft construction allows us to show you tailor-made solutions to optimize your product quality. Let our experts show you which possibilities exist to make your tolerance- and quality management process reliable.


Measuring plan Editor

Challenge: Definition of measuring points on the original component geometry

Solution: Measurement planning software; measurement point creation on surfaces, trims, holes, bolts and folds

Benefit: With little manual effort to the finished measurement plan, as well as providing the information for subsequent processes


Challenge: Time-consuming manual creation of inspection plans and media breaks between CAD system and inspection planning

Solution: Measurement planning software with change process; definition of measurement points on original component geometry (2D)

Benefit: Creating the bridge between product development and quality planning, as well as a low manual effort to the finished measurement plan

Measurement Data Manager

Challenge: Networking of the involved measurement technology areas: Measurement planning system, measurement programming system and evaluation system

Solution: Development of a central measurement data management system; version management and change management

Benefit: Reduction of administrative effort and higher data security

Measurement data feedback

Challenge: Bidirectional measurement data exchange between CAx system and measuring machine; possibility of errors with manual data exchange

Solution: Export of measuring points of geometric features (contour, holes, etc.); data format conforming to measuring machine

Benefit: Minimization of change loops and avoidance of errors in data transmission between CAx system and measuring machine