Electrodes for sinking EDM processes

FASTELECTRODE provides the automated design, documentation and production (NC-machining) of electrodes to be used in sinking EDM processes.

The following functions support the entire process:

  • Setup of project and electrode product structure
  • Profile selection and easy extraction of electrode faces
  • Geometrical functions to complete the electrode geometry
  • Including the reference frame, holder and technological information
  • 2D electrode documentation
  • Automated NC programming of electrodes
  • Download of documentation and process data to shop floor environment (Zwicker, OPS, Zimmer & Kreim, …)


With its electrode solution FASTELECTRODE, CENIT has made an important contribution to automating our die sinking erosion process. We are highly satisfied with the smooth implementation and the individual customizations.

Marcus Volland
System Coordinator



  • Dedicated solution for electrode design and documentation
  • Full parameterization of electrodes for an efficient change management
  • Evident time savings for documentation
  • Integration of company standards
  • Associative and update compatible