Offline programming system for point-to-point processes

With FASTTIP, CENIT provides award-winning and established offline programming software for 3D point-to-point processing, which can be implemented in the field of robotics as well as machining. Several technologies from spot welding and clinching in body-in-white processes to (multilayer) drilling and riveting in the aerospace (airframe assembly) and automotive field can be programmed, mapped and supported.

Thanks to offline programming with FASTTIP for 3D point-to-point applications, large volumes of joining elements (fasteners) can be efficiently an easily managed, programmed, simulated and optimized within CATIA V5.

FASTTIP for point-to-point applications in shell construction and airframe assembly

FASTTIP is seamlessly integrated into the powerful CATIA V5 infrastructure. Several automatic functions, integrated programming, postprocessing, comprehensive CAD/CAM abilities create a working environment fully attuned to the requirements of users and guarantee collision-free tool paths. The various quantitative complex processes of 3D point-to-point processing can be realized with FASTTIP securely, efficiently and in high quality.

Product features

  • Fully integrated 3D programming, postprocessing, simulation and process verification
  • Professional data flow: Process features, displaying of all fasteners (TXT, point/line, point/surface, UDF, point/property), purging data for surfaces, creation of points, determination of work direction, grouping and sequence planning
  • Adjustable riveting operation: Definition of process parameters, selection of geometry (rubberband, polygon-selection, standard V5 queries), definition of approach and depart motions, process events
  • Integrated tool machines or robot cell simulation
  • Multi-layer drilling: Layer analysis of composites, consideration of technology parameters in terms of layers and layer transitions, adjustment of various types of material
  • Versatile teach and optimization functions of a large number of fasteners
  • Function to read back existing programs


Layer drilling without FASTTIP? It would have to be a very difficult task

Johan Björklund
Director of Production Technology / NC Technology

SAAB Aerospace


  • Short programming times
  • Cost savings
  • Simply programmed point-to-point applications
  • Increased system availability (robot and machine)
  • Adjustable
  • Ensures secure and high-quality processes
  • Flexibility


Multi-layer drilling