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Can I use SAP® solutions for digital end2end support, optimization and automation of my business processes? Why not?

As your partner for end2end SAP solutions along the entire value chain, we are here to develop and implement the right software solutions for you, from product development all the way to aftersales service – and we’ve been doing it for more than 30 years.

Digital Continuity - Design to Operate 

To maintain their competitive edge, businesses have to raise their efficiency and their flexibility simultaneously. With this goal in mind, many enterprises already use holistic, end2end software solutions by our strategic partner SAP.

Our aim is to leverage this software to build your cross-board, future-proof digitalization strategy. To do so, the two crucial business processes of manufacturing companies - the lead-to-cash process and the design-to-operate process - must be mutually coordinated and synchronized.

  • The lead-to-cash process describes traditional business management and logistics processes in SAP ERP, from lead generation to final post-sale cost accounting.
  • The PLM-specific design-to-operate process maps the product-centric value chain: from design to engineering and handover to production and assembly, and on to aftersales services for field use of the products. To achieve maximum efficiency in designing this end2end process, our experts support manufacturing clients in establishing a sustainable, consistent data model (from E-BoM to S-BoM) and digital end2end processes that take the various production concepts into account (MTS, ETO, CTO, CTO++).



Lead to Cash & Design to operate | SAP Solutions


Above and beyond these two key business processes, our expertise also extends e.g. to product introduction processes (PIP) and management of end2end change processes (ECM), based on logically structured master data for universal use (MDM). In this way, we deliver digital continuity for your horizontal and vertical business processes.

Based on your specific starting conditions and goal-setting, we identify fields of action and work with you to develop a concrete approach towards a future-oriented design-to-operate process. We support you all the way, from strategy planning to going live with your solution. Any questions? We´re here to advise you!

Network of Digital Twins

Many manufacturing enterprises already rely on digital twins of their products, e.g. to reduce maintenance intervals and optimize production cycles. The data gathered via digital twins enable continual enhancement of products and processes, permit better exploitation of optimization potentials, and "feed" artificial intelligence with new insights. Often, one finds a series of parallel digital twins, e.g. in production, in service, and on-site at suppliers’ premises. Using innovative SAP solutions, we assist our clients in reducing silos and intelligently integrating the digital twin into a network of twins.

The goals of the network of digital twins are:

  • enhanced collaboration, also across enterprise boundaries
  • faster realization of innovation
  • manufacturing of better, more intelligent products
  • and ultimately the creation of new business models and new markets.

The Foundation of Your Digitalization Strategy

To develop digitalization strategies such as a network of digital twins and to establish future-proof design-to-operate processes, one needs a uniform data foundation within the SAP system. Via our CENIT SAP PLM Foundation, we are able to create a scalable, expandable basis for our clients’ digitalization strategies. This includes a seamless engineering process management system based on efficient authoring system integration via the SAP Engineering Control Center (SAP ECTR) - for both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA. With the aid of best practice-based, pre-configured templates and a standardized transition, we enable rapid, low-risk introduction. Go here to learn more about this innovative solution.