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Design to Operate is the strategy in the SAP environment and includes a holistic presentation of software solutions for your manufacturing processes. But what does this mean in detail and what opportunities does this offer for my company? What is behind the term Design to Operate and what does it mean for processes in the manufacturing industry?

For a better understanding and categorization of the strategy, we describe in the following paragraphs how the Design-to-Operate-Process has developed, from which basis it arose and what benefits you can gain with CENIT as your partner in the Design-to-Operate-Strategy.

The representation of the process - From Design to Operate

With closed-loop engineering, manufacturing companies are exploiting the potential of digitalization. It is about the fact that all steps of the product creation from design to planning or construction over to purchasing up to manufacturing and service should be digitally represented throughout. You can, for example:

  • react agile to new market situations
  • profitably produce a high number of variants and smaller solution sizes
  • set up automated rule processes for continuous improvement
  • continuously develop innovations

So the Design-to-Operate-Process reflects all areas consistently in the SAP standard software and synchronizes them digitally with each other. In this way, there are no media breaks within the production process and transmission errors are minimized.

The digital twin forms the basis of the process in the early stages of the product life cycle. This is enriched with data at every step in the Design-to-Operate-Process and thus documents all physically completed production steps transparently across all areas.

Please also read our article in the CENIT Newsroom about the digital twin, the virtual counterpart of a process, a product or even a service that combines the real and virtual world.


In the CENIT SAP Solutions portfolio you get everything for PLM solutions for SAP systems from a single source - from professional consulting in the product development process (PEP) to the implementation of holistic solutions, their development and long-term support. Thus, we cover the entire Design to Operate of our customers with SAP-based solutions and combine maximum efficiency with high flexibility in the value creation process of manufacturing companies.

The SAP-based solutions include process management, PLM solutions with SAP, engineering integration, platform integration, data exchange, master data management and many more.

CENIT as strategic partner in the Design-to-Operate-Process

Holistic and integrated software solutions from SAP are already in use at a large number of companies. This provides ideal conditions for approaching and integrating the Design-to-Operate-Process in perfection.

It is our goal to build up the digitalization strategy in your company in a consistent and future-proof way, starting from the existing software installations: We are your strategic partner in the holistic Design-to-Operate-Process.

We help you to align and synchronize your business processes with the PLM-specific Design-to-Operate-Process so that the relevant business processes of your manufacturing company correlate with each other.

Across these two key business processes, Lead to Cash and Design to Operate, we have mastered

  • the processes of product introduction (PEP)
  • the processing of holistic change processes (ECM)
  • naturally on the basis of logically structured, holistically applicable master data (MDM)

In this context, an essential component of any digitization strategy in the manufacturing industry must be the creation of a uniform data basis in the SAP system. We help you to create digital continuity at all levels of your business processes and support you in your company's digitization strategy with SAP standard software and CENIT enhancements.

With the CENIT SAP PLM Foundation product, for example, we create a scalable and expandable basis for your digitization strategy. This includes seamless engineering process management based on efficient authoring system integration via the SAP Engineering Control Center (SAP ECTR) - for both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA. Best practice-based, preconfigured templates and a standardized transition enable a fast and low-risk implementation. This enables you to harmonize engineering data and engineering processes in SAP (single source of truth).


Our approach with you

Based on your specific initial situation and objectives, we identify fields of action and work with you to develop a concrete process model for a future-oriented Design-to-Operate-Process. In our role as a partner in successful digital transformation, we support you from strategic planning to the operation of the solution at your Company.

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