Coristo Material Master Management

Coristo MMM for Effective and Efficient Material Master Management

Managing material masters in SAP is a special challenge for any business, and because accurate material master data are the foundation of accurate business processes, these master data are particularly crucial. Incorrect or incomplete material master data lead to high losses in efficiency because they can lead to flawed execution of processes and require corrective measures, costing time and money.

To avoid such problems, businesses often rely on centralized master data teams, but these must for their part make sure that they receive the right information from the respective technical segments.  

Role-based generation, display and management of material master data in SAP

Material Master Management (MMM) by Coristo permits role-based generation, display and management of material master data in SAP to ensure the security and availability of accurate enterprise data across the entire lifecycle.

In MMM, each user has viewing or managing access to precisely those master data which are relevant to that user. For different roles, different fields can be defined as mandatory. Therefore, mandatory fields from other fields of responsibility do not have to be filled with default values.

MMM also supports the verification of field values and role-based setting of field values within the material master.

Where required, multiple plants or sales organizations can be generated by a simple mouse-click and filled with predefined values, so that the respective technical staff can handle the detailed management and updating of the data with ease.

Since the material master management process is often handled by different segments within the enterprise and because it must often be conducted in a certain sequence, it may be advisable to complement Coristo’s Material Master Management by a workflow-based solution that guides generation, management and change processes. The solution cenitCONNECT APM (Advanced Process Management) is available for this purpose.

Screenshot: Overview in Coristo MMM

Coristo MMM - overview

Core Functionalities of end2end Material Master Management

  • Role-based generation and management of material masters in SAP. Each role only has access to the fields relevant to that role. Fields can be assigned to the respective role via easy customizing.
  • Lucid presentation of material master fields via tabular display with flexible, self-defined grouping options.
  • Role-based control of mandatory fields instead of the fixed mandatory fields provided as standard by SAP, which must always be filled by any user.
  • Role-based control of access to fields in the material master. Unlike the fixed SAP view concept, fields can now be compiled according to the user’s requirements. Each role only receives management or view authorization for the content which that role requires.
  • Rapid, automated generation of plants and sales organizations.
  • Easy setting of default values for material master fields.
  • Easy mapping of rules between field values in the material master.


  • To guide master data generation and management in a way that ensures all participants receive timely information on their responsibilities in material master management, we offer cenitCONNECT APM for workflow-based process support.
  • Coristo’s Material Master Management can also be flexibly expanded to mapping of complex rulebooks for generating and managing material master data.

Coristo MMM for efficient material master management

Your Starter Package for Coristo’s Material Master Management

Installing Coristo’s Material Master Managements (MMM) on your SAP system offers your technical divisions as well as your IT a quick overview of MMM and an introduction to its “look and feel”. With a solution tailored to your processes and material master data, you quickly gain an impression of your benefits in terms of data quality, process security and transparency across the entire product lifecycle.

In effect, you get an operating sample material master management setup within your system and on the basis of your data. You also receive detailed documentation on the application and how to customize it.

Available Content for Your Specific Process

  • Analysis of your baseline situation and target-setting
  • Feasibility analysis and consulting on your specific scenario
  • Consulting and implementation across all phases of your material master data project
  • Coristo Material Master Management
    • Installation of Coristo Material Master Management on your system
    • Out-of-the-box customizing (best practice)
  • Automated, rule-based generation and plausibility verification of material master data
  • Workflow-based control of the material master management process
  • Strategic Consulting
    Our strategic consulting follows a tried and proven approach model that focuses on key priorities. First off, we conduct an analysis of technical processes and needs to gain a thorough understanding of the business requirements of your enterprise and their effect on master data management. On this basis and in close collaboration with you as the client, we derive a mission and the actions required to achieve it.

  • Process and Solution Concept
    Together with you, we develop innovative, future-proof concepts for your master data management. We rely on our many years of experience in end2end master data projects and contribute our best-practice methods for process design and solution definition. Where required, we are ready to provide prototypes within the system, an agile approach that gives you and everyone involved a first-hand impression of our solution concept.

  • Realization and Implementation
    No matter whether you want to approach your project with an agile or traditional strategy: CENIT is your partner for realizing your SAP-based master data projects. We implement high-performing master data solutions that ensure your long-term competitiveness.

  • Services
    With our starter kit, you need just a few days to see for yourself how Coristo Material Master Management SAP MDG performs. After activating Corsito MMM on your SAP Sandbox system, your technical divisions as well as your IT quickly get an overview of Coristo MMM and gain their own “look and feel” impression. In effect, you receive a small, operational prototype setup within your system.


  • User-friendly generation and management of material masters, in which each user only has access to the fields relevant to that user.
  • Enhanced material master data quality thanks to a focus on the essentials and avoidance of incorrect entries.
  • Guidance of the material master generation process across different business divisions via workflow-based process control.
  • Reduced cycle times in material master management.