SAP PLM Foundation by CENIT: Your Scalable Foundation for Future-Proof SAP PLM Solutions

Our goal: To optimize your SAP PLM landscape and integrate all upstream and downstream processes while simultaneously laying the technical and strategic groundwork for your future digitalization plans – based on an existing SAP® ECC system or SAP S/4HANA®.

Rapid Installation & Transition

In more than 30 years of on-the-ground client projects, CENIT SAP Solutions has gained a wealth of SAP-specific expertise and knowhow. On this basis we have developed the CENIT SAP PLM Foundation, which lets customers with legacy SAP PLM systems – but also newcomers – benefit from our experience by providing concrete use cases and preconfigured templates to ensure rapid installation and transition.

Efficient & Flexible Organization of Engineering Processes

The CENIT SAP PLM Foundation offers you an all-inclusive, scalable and risk-reduced package that supports you in building an efficient and flexible organization for your engineering processes.

It is built around the SAP Engineering Control Center (SAP ECTR) which enables integration of your CAD authoring systems (i.e. CATIA, Siemens NX, Solid Works or EPLAN) with SAP. Additionally, SAP ECTR provides the technology basis for an easy future transition to SAP S/4HANA.

With an expanded range of functions, the CENIT SAP PLM Foundation gives you the tools to achieve end-to-end process optimization: E.g. collaboration functions to integrate external partners, visualization functions for improved decision-making in acquisitions, and many more.

Customer voice: SMIA
Frank Rudrich, Project Manager Change Management

"CENIT SAP PLM Foundation enables the seamless integration of different authoring systems into SAP - in our case, Siemens NX and CATIA V5 are integrated into SAP S/4HANA. With SAP ECTR, our design engineers benefit from a user-friendly interface in which CAD data management is automatically possible in the SAP database. Other departments, such as purchasing, can view data in 3D using the integrated viewer without having to access a costly authoring system. The "Process Management & Automation" module enables SMIA to increase efficiency and reduce errors, as we can support and secure engineering processes with workflows."

CENIT SAP PLM Foundation


Laura Schmidt
Project coordination CENIT SAP PLM Foundation



Engineering Processes efficiently and flexibly organized. With SAP PLM Foundation by CENIT.

Process Support of CENIT SAP PLM Foundation at a glance

  • Integration
    Realizes seamless integration of engineering data in the product development process with SAP PLM - for shorter overall thoughput and flexible reactions to individual customer requirements.

  • Process Management
    Offers configurable components for automization and flexible process control of typical process steps, like simple data evaluation tasks and more complex structural validation.

  • Collaboration
    Supports cross-company and cross-network collaboration in the product development process with integrated process scenarios. Complex processes involved in CAD assembly data exchanges run in the background, so that easy use of the collaboration functions becomes possible.

  • Visualization & Conversion
    Enables process-driven conversion in neutral 2D / 3D formats which makes technical documents (CAD models) usable in further process steps, e.g. in procurement and production. Since every SAP user can access the data, no additional CAD licenses are required.

  • Migration
    Supports efficient planning and minimal-risk execution of data migration to SAP. Customer-specific migration strategies are possible, e.g. a „Big Bang“ or temporary parallel operation. At the same time, the migration is supported by process components. Monitoring- and reporting-functions of CENIT SAP PLM Foundation increase transparency about the migration as well as about the quality of the migrated data.

  • Monitoring & Reporting
    Realizes transparency about company business operations for quick and secure decision-making. Process weaknesses become visible with CENIT SAP PLM Foundation and enable specific fine-tuning during implementation.


  • Process efficiency and flexibility
    The SAP Engineering Control Center (ECTR) is the comfortable working environment for your engineers which enables interdisciplinary integration of all relevant authoring tools. Simultaneously, the SAP ECTR acts as “intelligent glasses” into SAP, allowing all users who work with product data to use technical data for their tasks.

  • Long-term securtiy
    ECTR is your future-proof SAP engineering platform. Even if you only implement SAP ECTR within the SAP PLM Foundation as part of an existing ERP Business Suite, you have already taken a decisive step towards SAP S/4HANA, because a later switch to S/4 only requires minor customization in SAP ECTR.

  • Risk minimization
    A critical aspect of any system introduction is the substitution of currently running systems and the migration of existing data. For many scenarios, we offer CENIT SAP PLM Foundation packages for process-driven data migration, wherever possible at fixed prices.

  • User acceptance
    The degree to which new solutions are accepted depends largely on actual user experience with the new system. This makes problem-free operation in SAP PLM a core objective. That’s why project support by an experienced team during the transitional phase is a core component of the CENIT SAP PLM Foundation concept.