IT problems interrupt your ongoing PLM processes and therefore cause high downtime costs?

quotation cannot be created in time because of this?

Customer inquiries cannot be processed quickly enough due to IT problems?

At the same time, the elimination of the malfunction is very costly for you?

Regular maintenance and improvement of your systems does not take place?

Stabilityflexibility and continuous improvement of your SAP PLM system landscape are the essential prerequisites for ensuring that your processes can be executed adequatelyefficiently and without disruptions at all times.

Take advantage of our Operational Service, which offers you optimal operational support with coordinated service modules.


  • Minimal response and processing time in case of failures through structured recording and monitoring of processing for all components of the agreement.
  • Maximum performance and reliability of systems through regular planning and implementation of measures to improve their systems.
  • Maximum availability through predictive maintenance and accelerated restoration of operational readiness in the event of disruptions.
  • Maximum visibility into services provided, status of systems and level of service through continuous monitoring and reporting.

What does CENIT's Operational Service offer you?


We are the specialist for customized SAP PLM solutions to support your business processes. We advise, develop, implement and fully support you in the operation of your SAP PLM solution. Based on our many years of experience in supporting our customers, we offer you our Operational Service with the following proven service modules for the smooth operation of your SAP PLM solution.

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SPB-10 Hotline services

High standards and transparency internally and externally in the call processing from the acceptance to the closing of the request.

SPB-20 Support Services

Reduction of processing time through structured recording and comparison of fault causes with already known solutions.

SPB-30 Update Services

Assured troubleshooting and permanently up-to-date software versions

SLA-00 Premium Services

Simplification of the process for setting faults and general inquiries by accepting calls for all software components

SLA-10 Documentation of the operating status

Facilitates the training of new IT employees, is the basis for an emergency concept, facilitates and accelerates the restoration of operational readiness in the event of disruptions

SLA-20 Software update planning

Reliably functioning updates and minimal disruption to operations through sound software update planning.

SLA-30 Installation and configuration of major/minor releases.

High availability of the entire system by avoiding downtimes. Updating of the software as needed.

SLA-60 Continuous improvement of systems

Continuous improvement of system capabilities through periodic exchanges on current and future business requirements and timely implementation.

SLA-90 Contract management

The client is informed about which services have been provided in which period and in which quality. Any necessary changes to the contract can be made in good time.

SLA-100 License Audit & Compliance

Periodic license measurements ensure the use of the contractually defined CENIT software.

SLA-120 Personal support

Personal contact person in support for the duration of the agreement. Responsible for all services and organizational issues

SLA-40 Installation and configuration of service packs / patches and bug fixes

Rapid deployment of service packs/patches/bug fixes and trouble-free transition into productive operation

SLA-50 Planning and execution of update trainings

Planning and execution of update trainings of major/minor releases for the key users of the system as needed

SLA-70 Emergency analysis, concept, planning, exercise and update.

Increased security through the tested and confirmed restoration of the software's operational readiness in the event of an emergency.

SLA-80 Cleanup and performance enhancements.

Optimal system performance through a continuously cleaned and optimized system. Improvement of software response time behavior and increase of user acceptance

SLA-110 Investment consulting

Early planning of necessary investments as a result of intensive exchange with the customer about his business requirements.

SLA-130 Extended availability

Bundling of resources in the processing of requests by bringing in resources from other time zones. Currently Europe and North America, German and English speaking.

Individual services

Extended agreement based on your individual requirements in coordination.


We are the specialist for customized SAP PLM solutions to support your business processes.

We advise, develop, implement and support you in operating your solution.

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We have many years of experience in supporting our customers in the operation of their solutions.

We have a team of specialists consisting of qualified employees from consulting, service and software development.

All of them have made a performance promise: "The trouble-free operation of your systems is our goal! That's what we measure ourselves by!"


We know the challenges and, in addition to measures for rapid and sustainable fault elimination, we support you with services aimed at preventing faults from occurring in the first place.

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Our specialists convince through results - and the human factor.

We are the central contact for our customers.

We analyze, advise, solve and, if necessary, involve other internal and external specialists.

In this way, we manage the continuous improvement process together with you.

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