Can master data processes be standardized, efficient and flexible at the same time?

Quality and consistency of master data, combined with efficient handling in creation and modification as well as targeted reuse, is the basis of a stable company. At the same time, consistent and high-quality master data form the data backbone, which is indispensable for the implementation of innovative digitization strategies, such as for autonomous manufacturing.

Master data maintenance - a process with challenges

Often, the necessary transparency and high level of standardization within the master data movement
often contradict the flexibility required by day-to-day business. As a result, optimization potentials remain
remain unused and avoidable disturbances go unrecognized. Without process orchestration, the traceability of master data movement and the creation of holistic root cause analyses become impossible.
Thus, process-based master data maintenance is the key to: Increasing efficiency, minimizing risk and reducing costs in your company.

Advantages of secure master data processes

  • Process reliability and increased flexibility through data-supported workflow with team management
  • Increased efficiency and resource optimization by focusing on the necessary process resources and reducing administrative activities
  • Transparency and sustainable process improvement through monitoring and reporting
  • Quality improvement and risk reduction through standardization & safeguarding, e.g. through status-dependent restrictions on the material master

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