Intelligent product development

The SAP Asset Intelligence Network (SAP AIN) is the innovative network and collaboration platform for increasing product, asset, and machine performance throughout the lifecycle.
SAP AIN enables the collection and tracking of information from product and equipment usage in a central archive. The resulting cloud-based business network is part of the SAP Intelligent Asset Management solution portfolio.

A unified data foundation for sharing, for example in the application of end products, becomes the new way of collaboration within the SAP cloud-based solution SAP Asset Intelligence Network. The resulting new strategic considerations for new business models, for example, to be able to offer services also in the use phase and thus achieve better customer loyalty, are one of the goals to fully exploit the advantages of the Internet of Things (IoT).

What does the solution do for your company?

In SAP, it is possible to completely bundle all product- and asset-related information to create a so-called digital twin, i.e. a digital representation of the real products for sale or systems, the so-called equipment, such as plants or components.
This enables companies to better analyze the products or equipment, compare technical properties, and monitor potential failures and maintenance measures.
For the uniform and also complete bundling of the information, a uniform data collection is required. This enables better data exchange and at the same time increases the data quality for the reliability and maintenance of the systems. In order to be able to collect data uniformly, standards are required for this. This standardization of data collection facilitates data exchange in the SAP Asset Intelligence Network.

Manufacturers, service providers and operators then use this to exchange their data in the cloud-based business network. For example, a manufacturer provides the master data for a specific machine model. Customers who use this machine or component can transfer the data to their systems and link it to the existing master data. In this way, the data always remains up to date without time-consuming manual work and media disruptions. The product experience or the plant and machine performance can thus always be optimized throughout the entire lifecycle, simply by using a cloud-based network and collaboration platform for all participants in a plant ecosystem - SAP AIN.
The participants benefit in different ways: On the one hand, of course, the manufacturer by sharing his product information, but at the same time also receiving information from the plant operator or end customer during the real usage phase. This creates a global library of recommended maintenance strategies, available maintenance plans, maintenance and repair orders, and safety instructions. On the other hand, the plant operator by getting more efficiency and accuracy in his plant information, especially to optimize his costs, performances and risks. This is because the network automatically notifies the operator when new information is available from the manufacturer. Built-in APIs link this data to the local work management system, for example the one in SAP S/4HANA.

The SAP Asset Intelligence Network is designed to provide a digital representation of all product information used with controllable release rights across business partners to enable better customer insights into data, as well as performance analytics and enable new digital servicesThe perfect business network based on SAP Cloud Platform.

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  • Efficiency gains through a steeper learning curve in collaborative asset management in the provisioning, management and maintenance of products.
  • Gain visibility into relevant services, such as your facilities and equipment
  • Increase customer satisfaction by implementing effective asset management and customer service processes based on current usage data
  • Visually support joint performance analysis between manufacturers, operators, and service providers
  • Provide feedback on asset performance between partners to share analytics and relevant KPIs

Using cloud-based Internet of Things technology, SAP AIN can help:

  • Connect to a central hub for all managers an enterprise asset management (EAM).
  • Increase the quality of asset data through world-class product data management (PDM)
  • Simplify collaborative asset management by storing shared metadata on the network
  • Improve asset reliability and response times
  • Reduce maintenance costs


  • Cloud-based provision of data
    Collect and work with data quickly and cost-effectively in the SAP Cloud Platform. With minimal IT costs, low maintenance, and world-class security.
  • Integrate with other SAP solutions
    Connect with other SAP solutions, such as SAP S/4HANA, to enable smooth data exchange between enterprise and plant systems.
  • Intuitive user experience
    Accelerate and simplify user adoption with a consistent, intuitive, and modern user experience based on SAP Fiori.
  • Support collaborative partner relationships
    Invite your business partners to the network via a free basic membership to share content and collaborate efficiently.

Use cases on the way to a global, unified network of assets


The following business processes should be redesigned for this purpose:

  • Asset information held in different ERP and/or CMMS systems.
  • Platform to manage common business processes, e.g., work authorization, change management

What value does this bring to the business:

  • Consolidated, unified view of all assets across the enterprise
  • Standardized and complete asset master data for informed decision making
  • Reduced time required to maintain asset master data


The following business processes should be redesigned for this purpose:

  • Provide access to service providers to improve master data information and/or service history.
  • Share asset data history and performance with partners in a secure manner, such as regulators and insurance companies
  • Horizontally deploy corrective and preventive actions across similar facilities and assets

What value does this bring to the business:

  • Improved master data completeness and quality
  • Self-regulation for regulatory controls and audits
  • Fostering collaboration & learning culture
  • Reduction in the time and effort required to locate asset information


The following business processes should be redesigned for this purpose:

  • Information sharing with manufacturers for proactive service and diagnostics
  • New performance-based service level agreements with manufacturers to improve machine availability and efficiency
  • Collaborate on equipment maintenance strategies to improve equipment uptime
  • Rapid retrieval of information from internal and external stakeholders to reduce execution time

What value does this bring to the business:

  • Proactive recommendations from manufacturers to reduce outages
  • Streamlined execution of service bulletins and recall notifications
  • Improved plant efficiency

Why CENIT is the right partner

For over 30 years, we have been combining SAP PLM expertise and the experience from numerous customer projects in the CENIT SAP Solutions Team. Through this long-standing expertise in the SAP environment and the use of their software and integration solutions, we offer you as a customer sustainable competence both in the implementation and in consulting for the use of SAP software as well as in operational support for a long-term and sustainable availability of the software solutions used.


With regard to your specific initial situation and objectives, we integrate the required software components into your SAP system using our best practices - with clearly defined work packages and within a fixed implementation period.

In our role as SAP partner for a successful digital transformation, we support you from strategic planning to the operation of the solution at your company and also stand by your side with our expertise as a service partner for the future mapping of new business processes.

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