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SAP Solutions for Secure & Flexible Collaboration in Global Networks

Modern product development and manufacturing occurs in teams that work across division and company boundaries. These processes are defined by strongly networked partnerships - clients, suppliers and globally distributed locations are all involved in day-to-day operations. All stakeholders must have access to the latest 3D product data, diagrams, reports, etc., in the right format and the required quality. 

Simple and secure SAP-based control of your links to OEMs, suppliers, partners and subsidiaries

Collaboration is a key strategy in any modern business. In this context, external communication with clients, OEMs, suppliers and partners via portals and data sharing tools is just part of the challenge. Businesses must also address aspects of secure, controlled internal communication, mapping of data models from HQ to subsidiaries, as well as harmonization of various PDM / PLM systems. 

Industry solutions for collaborative engineering support businesses in rising to these challenges by providing flexible and secure software tools. Their uses and functionalities take the different types of collaboration into account - within enterprise boundaries or beyond, with or without independent partners, or involving geographically dispersed teams. 

The CENIT SAP PLM Foundation relies on a best practice-oriented approach to provide targeted support for cross-enterprise collaboration in product development. Secure and transparent collaboration is guaranteed via end2end process scenarios. Additionally, intuitive collaboration functions make user handling easy and thereby reduce error rates. For instance, the complex processes involved in CAD assembly group exchanges are relegated to the background, which makes data exchange administrators redundant - a clear boost for engineering efficiency.

Secure and efficient data exchanges throughout your network

Secure and efficient data exchanges throughout your network | CENIT

Collaboration in the Cloud

The innovative SAP Intelligent Product Design solution, or SAP IPD, provides collaboration functions to assist teamwork across disciplines and systems. These include efficient generation of workflow-based collaboration as well as assignment of specific user roles to allocate work items and manage authorizations. Within the collaboration, file-based data and components can be integrated directly and sent to the collaboration partner.

In the context of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, secure storage of new content, modifications and updates in accordance with the single source of truth principle is ensured by use of the SAP ECTR. Additionally, structured data such as parts lists from the SAP system can be integrated into the collaboration, along with references to requirements and other elements of the product model. An overview of the collaboration is provided by SAP IPD via its integrated Live Product Cockpit Dashboard.

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Using SAP for Secure and Flexible Collaboration

Benefits of Collaborative Engineering

  • Optimized, secure data exchange processes
  • Cost reduction thanks to increased process efficiency and error-free data packages
  • High quality of globally available, comprehensive product data in the required format
  • Tried and proven solution for preparing exchanges of structured CAD data and documents 
  • Professional best-practice approach based on many years of project experience in engineering collaboration