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Neutral-format CAD Models, accessible to any SAP User

The aim of visualization solutions is to make individual components or entire assemblies readily viewable and easily accessible. They thus give all participants in the value-adding process visual access to the product - without additional license costs for CAD authoring systems.

2D and 3D product visualization in SAP

2D drawings and 3D geometries are combined with metadata from the ERP and other systems and made available in standardized neutral formats such as 3D-PDF. Even complex content is displayed in simplified, readily understandable form via image and text combinations, ensuring easy and secure file visualization for all SAP users. Access to viewer files by divisions outside engineering (e.g. purchasing) is possible without additional CAD licenses thanks to the CENIT SAP PLM Foundation: CENIT’s scalable solution for manufacturing enterprises that require efficient, secure and future-proof engineering processes.

Example of a cross-section display in the SAP ECTR Viewer

Example of a cross-section display in the SAP ECTR Viewer | CENIT

Enhanced process security

Enterprise-wide 3D visualization functions accelerate, improve and secure critical processes. This offers all participants clarity about the product structure, long before the first prototype is built.

Reducing complexity saves costs

Easily understandable content and automated document generation enable well-targeted process support along the value chain, e.g. improved decision-making in purchasing. This in turn enables significant savings in terms of effort and costs.

Benefits of Visualization Solutions

  • Support for business processes thanks to easy data viewing by all participants 
  • Intuitive overview functions for all SAP and non-SAP users
  • Ease of use, no additional training needed 
  • Improved decision-making due to avoidance of comprehension errors 
  • Reduced effort and cost thanks to efficient and automated visualization of existing and new components / products 
  • Elimination of license costs for CAD authoring systems for non-engineering users 
  • Products can be displayed in online shops (SAP Hybris) for sale of individual components or to assist support staff in instructing on-site colleagues