3DEXPERIENCE on Cloud for a Start-up

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  • Fast growing company with constantly new challenges
  • Fast project execution
  • Handling of complex projects with limited resources
  • Limited budget


  • Introduction of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on cloud
  • CATIA MID Market package
  • Project management
  • DELMIA process planning


  • Continuous digital value chain
  • Scalable solution to grow steadily
  • Fast entry into platform technology
  • Flexible license model
  • Work at the latest state of technology


  • 3DEXPERIENCE / CATIA V6 know-how
  • Fast implementation support
  • Continuous process know-how, from engineering to production

About the company

Electric mobility for everyone

An affordable and sustainable mobility that is produced in the simplest and most convenient way is a global
necessity. The vehicle is designed as an economical and sustainable transport for developing countries, but also perfectly fits with applications in developed countries and urban areas. Its adaptability and robustness enable countless applications for vineyards, farms, gardeners or municipalities.

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