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Efficiency in production with SAP PLM, SAP ECTR and the integration of CATIA V5 and NX

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  • Being able to produce high-precision parts for the aerospace, marine, wind energy and transportation industry plays the key role for Janicki Industries.
  • CENIT North America took the lead role in implementing SAP PLM together with ECTR, CATIA V5 and NX CAD integrations, which were crucial to meet the advanced CAD tools required by their customers.


  • As Janicki had not implemented any SAP program before the start of this project, this was the first necessary step for a successful implementation.
  • With CENIT as development partner, Janicki was then provided with installation and configuration of ECTR with CATIA V5, while DSC took care of the NX CAD integration.
  • Moreover, CENIT North America implemented one of its own collaboration products EnCo 4.4.
  • SAP Engineering Control Center was chosen as the CAD integration for both NX and CATIA V5 in order to allow all users to have the same Graphic User Interface for each CAD system.


  • The main benefits archived for Janicki Industries by this project is the improved efficiency, as well as the reduced time needed in designing 2D and 3D models.
  • The models and documents are now directly linked to the parts and real time changes can be made to 2D/3D models by using different CAD systems.
  • Furthermore, the status network is available to identify the status of different models/parts.
  • Particularly the Graphical User Interface is now very user friendly for all implemented CAD systems.


  • Best practice from more than 25 years of experience in SAP PLM
  • Distinct understanding of the industry, processes and technology
  • SAP development partner for CATIA V5 integration in SAP
  • Strong SAP-partner network
  • Model of cooperative partnership

About the company

Janicki Industries is an engineering & manufacturing company specializing in composite & metal parts, tooling & prototypes for aerospace, military, marine, architecture & other industries.

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