Digital twin shortens the way to the ideal welding system


Loss of time and inefficiency due to the use of different software for simulation and programming, or the manual teaching of robots.


  • Implementation of FASTSUITE E2 for programming all four insured robot systems
  • CENIT has proven to be a partner that optimally supports Robolution


  • Significant reduction of the commissioning process
  • Increased efficiency in workflows
  • No more manual teaching is required


Robolution and CENIT have been collaborating ever since the automation company was established. “Robolution and CENIT have a long-standing partnership”, says Boywitt. “For example, we pooled our practical and technology experience to develop and test synchronous and asynchronous robot applications.” 

About the company

Robolution, a Lincoln Electric Company, is a full-service automation integrator providing engineering, machining, and integrated robotic systems with core competencies in advanced welding system design, high-quality weld fixtures, robotic integration, process automation, and ongoing service and support.

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