Tectos GmbH

Interdisciplinary development support in simulation


  • For a successful simulation of highly complex models, a step-by-step model is required
  • Overall use of the SIMULIA features for complex contexts
  • Long calculation times increase development time and costs


  • Individual development support for multi-stage model development and definition of the appropriate physical and mathematical approach
  • Solution for the convergence problems that were arising during the calculation


  • Reduction of the calculation time up to 60%
  • Ensuring the consistency between simulation and reality
  • Increase the quality of the calculation results
  • Multidisciplinary, continuous functional mapping of the macrosystem

Why Cenit

  • Customer best intrest is always in facus at CENIT
  • Competent consulting for various requirements in product development
  • Reliable and strategic partner

About the company

  • Core competence: Development of highly complex, mechanical systems
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