DCS and CENIT expand market range for 3DCS tolerance software

Contract extension gives CENIT exclusive distribution rights for large parts of Europe

Published 04/12/2023

Effective April 1, 2023, Dimensional Control Systems Inc. (DCS) and CENIT AG are widening their long-standing partnership, working together to expand European sales markets for the 3DCS tolerance and quality assurance software. In this context, CENIT gains exclusive sales and distribution rights for a larger part of Europe.

The 3DCS solution supports product lifecycle management (PLM) from the design stage through to manufacturing by providing high-performance tools for simulation, GD&T optimization, causal analysis, and problem-solving. The software enables end-to-end tolerance and quality management and is used by leading manufacturers from aerospace, automotive, medical technology, electronics, and mechanical engineering.

CENIT expands European sphere of activity

CENIT has been an exclusive 3DCS sales partner and master reseller since 2017, a capacity in which it has advised a large number of manufacturing businesses in northern, western and central Europe. In recognition of this successful collaboration, DCS is now entrusting CENIT with important additional European markets including Britain and Ireland. As a consequence, CENIT will assume sales activities for a new customer base composed of blue-chip OEMs from the aerospace and automotive industries. Additionally, CENIT’s new sphere of activity includes Turkey as a strong emerging market.  

Pooling knowhow to tap new market potential

To drive the expanded partnership, the two companies are pooling their competencies in the fields of quality data management and simulation. “For me, this is a logical step in continuing our successful collaboration with CENIT and positioning 3DCS software across wider regions of Europe”, says Mike Ulicny, CEO of Dimensional Control Systems Inc. in commenting on the contract extension. “We are proud of this vote of confidence from DCS and eager to seize joint opportunities to tap new market potential in Europe”, affirms Peter Schneck, CEO of CENIT AG.

We are proud of this vote of confidence from DCS and eager to seize joint opportunities to tap new market potential in Europe

Peter Schneck


More information on the exclusive sales partnership

In northern Europe, CENIT acts as master reseller for DCS in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. The western European sales region includes the Benelux countries, France, and now both Britain and Ireland. In central Europe, the simulation expert covers Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia as well as Hungary and Romania. The contract extension also offers CENIT access to Turkey as a new sales market, bridging the gap between Europa and Asia.

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