For PLM expertise, Airbus relies on CENIT

Published 04/13/2022 | updated 02/10/2023

CENIT and its CenProCS joint venture have succeeded in an international tender procedure held by Airbus, securing a PLM service desk contract for approx. 20,000 end users.

For PLM expertise, Airbus relies on CENIT

In an international bidding process held by Airbus, CENIT and its partners in the CenProCS joint venture (CENIT AG, Prostep AG and CS Group) put forward the most convincing proposal. In the coming years, they will operate the PLM Service Desk for about 20,000 Airbus end users. Decisive factors supporting the renewed decision in favor of CenProCS included the long partnership history, the thorough understanding of the extensive Airbus PLM environment with more than 1,000 applications, and the steady innovative input by CenProCS.

The transnational PLM service desk at Airbus is a multi-faceted client: In addition to conventional incident management (ITIL-based) and including knowledge and access management, topics like on-site support and IT change enablement are regular aspects of the CenProCS task field. The international team with 40 to 50 staffers works hand in hand with Airbus and other PLM partners of the aircraft maker.

The CENIT team combines specific expertise from many years of collaboration with Airbus with know-how about future-proof methods and technologies. Thanks to this combination, we can best support Airbus in the course of transformation processes.

Markus Schwarze
Senior Vice President


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