CENIT paves the way to autonomous offline programming

AI-based release of 3D simulation software FASTSUITE E2 takes robot simulation and programming to new level

Published 11/16/2023 | updated 02/22/2024

CENIT’s innovative FASTSUITE E2 release 2023.2 features 28 new functions and enhancements as well as three major highlights: Automated AI-based path optimization, automated seam searches plus efficient planning of welding operations via the Weld Cockpit. Together, these features make FASTSUITE E2 a key tool for process optimization and cost effectiveness in robot welding applications.

CENIT paves the way to autonomous offline programming

Release 2023.2 of the 3D simulation software FASTSUITE E2 is the next big step in CENIT’s approach to promoting sustainable digitalization in industrial manufacturing. The upgrade features 28 high-performance tech innovations for simulation and programming. CENIT’s developers leverage AI-based functions to support manufacturing processes and boost efficiency, resource economy and quality in production.

In this stage of our journey to autonomous offline programming, we have implemented a wide range of new features that deliver automatic optimization effects and significantly accelerate offline programming. They virtually eliminate time-consuming, manual fine-tuning of manufacturing operations.

Jens Fetzer
Vice President Product Strategy


Technologisch stellt die CENIT drei neue Technologiepakete des Release besonders in den Fokus:

  • Effiziente Planung von Schweißbahnen
  • KI-basierte, autonome Offline-Programmierung (OLP) und automatische Pfadoptimierung
  • Funktionen zur Nahtsuche und Nahtverfolgung über Sensoren

Offline-Programmierung (OLP) mit automatischer Pfadoptimierung

Mit dieser Funktionalität gelingt Unternehmen ein erster Schritt in Richtung "autonome Programmierung" beim Roboterschweißen. Unterstützt durch Algorithmen künstlicher Intelligenz analysiert die Funktion automatisch die erzeugte Roboterbahn, um Probleme (Kollisionen, Achsenbegrenzungen, Singularitäten, etc.) zu erkennen. Anschließend sucht der Algorithmus nach optimalen Lösungswegen und erstellt somit automatisch ein fehlerfreies Programm. Die manuellen, zeitlich aufwendigen Optimierungen und entsprechende Programmierzeit entfallen.

Neben der Zeit und Kostenersparnis durch optimierte Programmierung zählt auch erhöhte Produktivität zu den Mehrwerten der neuen Funktionalität: Durch die Bewegungsoptimierung bewegen sich Roboter beim Schweißen effizienter und gleichmäßiger. Dies verbessert wiederum die Gesamtzykluszeiten.

Automatic seam identification and tracing

This function is again aimed at enhancing entire workflows: Simulation and programming plus seam identification and seam tracing functions enable automated generation and optimization of robot welding paths. The robot programs are able to self-adjust so as to account for geometry deviations within the components and clamping arrangements, again reducing the need for manual reworking of the robot cell.

“In real-world welding applications, workpieces often vary slightly in terms of dimensions and position tolerance, especially when the components are tacked manually. Because FASTSUITE helps the robot adapt to these deviations, we achieve highly reliable welding results and avoid manual intervention”, says Fetzer.

The Weld Cockpit

This function enables precise and consistent planning of welding processes and ensures reliable, replicable results. The “Weld Cockpit” lets the user insert welding symbols to define the intended welding path, or transfer a welding path directly from a 3D master model. It also supports standardized transfer of tooling information from production drawings to OLP processes.

“The Weld Cockpit lets us translate the complex world of offline programming into the “language” familiar to the welding experts”, Jens Fetzer explains.

Standardization and the use of recognized welding symbols and standards make the Cockpit a valuable aid in ensuring consistency and reliability. Automated parameter assignment produces uniform results and better quality because it largely eliminates human misinterpretation of welding symbols, errors in welding path definition and incorrect assignment of process parameters.

In upcoming FASTSUITE E2 releases, CENIT will take the next steps on its course toward autonomous programming and the goal of maximizing the benefits of industrial robots.

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