New investor strengthens CENIT's growth course

PRIMEPULSE SE takes a 15% stake in the digitization specialist

Published 11/13/2020 | updated 03/01/2023

Stuttgart, November 13, 2020 – CENIT AG, an internationally established software and IT consulting company for more than 30 years, has won the technology-oriented PRIMEPULSE group of companies as a new investor. Both companies aim to actively implement CENIT's growth targets for 2025 and to expand the company's future success. The shareholder representatives on the Supervisory Board have announced that a new election to the Supervisory Board will be possible at the 2021 Annual General Meeting.

New investor strengthens CENIT's growth course

As a specialist for customized digital solutions within complex IT processes, CENIT AG has been firmly established on the market for over three decades. Founded in 1988 in Stuttgart, the software company is now active in nine countries worldwide, including the USA, Japan and China. CENIT develops excellent own software solutions and acts as an established partner of leading IT software and platform providers. This is why renowned market leaders, start-ups and large corporations from industries such as automotive, aviation and financial services rely on CENIT for the digital optimization of their business-critical processes.

CENIT formulated the strategy program "CENIT 2025" to ensure the long-term success of the company and its employees, to expand its technology and software expertise – and ultimately to continue to provide customers with competitive advantages. CENIT defines a continued solid economic basis for the company as one of the main pillars of the targeted growth.

PRIMEPULSE SE as new anchor investor

Since November 6, 2020, CENIT has welcomed a new anchor investor in PRIMEPULSE, who currently holds 15% of the shares in the company. PRIMEPULSE is a technology-oriented holding company based in Munich. The group holds investments in companies with future-oriented business models that focus on technologies and have a high growth dynamic due to their digital development potential.

Against this background, CENIT appreciates PRIMEPULSE's decision to acquire a stake in the company and thus support its continued success. Kurt Bengel, CEO of CENIT AG, explains: "Since its foundation, CENIT has contributed to the creation of innovative IT technologies of tomorrow. We see the participation of PRIMEPULSE as proof that we are seen as an attractive, successful and clearly sustainable company far beyond our partner and customer environment". "CENIT associates the new investor with new competences as well as a strong network that will support us in the implementation of the "CENIT 2025 Strategy" and the necessary further developments", Kurt Bengel continues.

According to PRIMEPULSE, the Munich-based company is pursuing the goal of making CENIT a growth company and accompanying it on its further way to a potential TecDAX value. To this end, PRIMEPULSE aims to influence the composition of CENIT's Supervisory Board.

Against the background of the change in the composition of the Supervisory Board suggested by PRIMEPULSE, the members of the Supervisory Board – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Riedel (Chairman) and Stephan Gier – have announced that they will make their offices available for the Annual General Meeting to be held in May 2021. This should enable a new election to the Supervisory Board consisting of three members, one third of which are currently employee representatives.

"Our Supervisory Board is currently very competent and strongly positioned thanks to its good networking in industry and research and its many years of experience in the sector. We welcome PRIMEPULSE as a new investor and enabler and look forward to the joint path to success and constructive discussions", says CENIT CEO Kurt Bengel.

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