Powerful Process Optimization Tool

cenitCONNECT APM for sustainable digitalization and high-performance process management

Published 11/21/2022 | updated 10/05/2023

CENIT’s process management software cenitCONNECT APM now boasts an even wider range of functions. A full-scale upgrade enhances the efficiency and performance of the solution, which has become well established across a variety of industry sectors.

Powerful Process Optimization Tool

Times are hard for manufacturers: Fragile supply chains, anxious markets, energy crisis. On top of that, the obligation to act sustainably at all times. To achieve their business targets despite all these pressures, many companies are now focusing more heavily on optimizing their internal value-adding processes: According to a 2021 study by Bearing Point, the number of businesses that consider efficient process management a vital success factor has almost doubled since 2012.

Be it innovative mechanical engineering SMEs like Mayer&Cie. or global market leaders like vibration insulation company Getzner – among leading companies, cenitCONNECT Advanced Process Management Suite (APM) has been the gold standard for efficient process control and monitoring for years. The solution provides secure, compliant support for decision-making and documentation, as well as automation of non value-adding process steps.

In cenitCONNECT APM 5.0, software and consulting provider CENIT is launching the most comprehensive release of its powerful process management software. The new version lets businesses leverage their digitalization strategy to achieve significant advances in profitability, resilience and sustainability:

  • Structure Release Management App: Enables intelligent analysis and release of complex product structures within the process context, alerts users to deviations from defined targets and provides strong support for quality control in product design.
  • Change Log App: Makes process deviations visible and improves monitoring and analysis of changes based on faster identification of new, deleted or modified information.
  • UI5 Workflow Viewer: Generates intuitive process graphs for rapid orientation and transparency across process flows and thereby facilitates communication between stakeholders.
  • Multi Team Staffing App: Provides expanded staff planning functions for efficient personnel deployment and promotes collaboration between stakeholders across locations and company boundaries.

Enhanced performance and efficiency throughout

Maintaining a true a true end2end approach, CENIT’s software architects also gave the tried and proven functionalities of cenitCONNECT APM a technology upgrade that boosts the performance and efficiency of the entire solution.

For instance, preconfigured KPIs now provide user support in prioritizing and managing individual and team tasks. The release also features improved, automated monitoring and reporting on all processes, e.g. end2end release, master data and change management. This ensures maximum transparency of ongoing workflows and relevant events, letting users recognize process disruptions early on and respond proactively.

cenitCONNECT APM also plays a major role in the context of SAP system integration: The embedded Advisor Technology orchestrates SAP objects in accordance with process progress, even across SAP system boundaries – e.g. when integrating external PLM systems.

Compatibility with SAP S/4HANA, certification for SAP S/4HANA Cloud and consistent reliance on SAP’s Fiori interface technology (UI5) make cenitCONNECT APM a future-proof solution consistent with all SAP standards. As in previous releases, intuitive template generation lets users define process standards efficiently, without coding.

Homegrown software solutions for sustainable user benefits

CENIT views the continuing evolution of its proprietary software solutions as a key aspect of its business strategy, and this certainly applies to the process management software cenitCONNECT APM as well.

As Trusted Advisor to our clients, out task is to develop solutions that offer them competitive benefits. Because of our many long-term, strategic partnerships with our customers, we are well aware of their technology needs and the specific conditions in their respective industries. This combination lets us develop cenitCONNECT APM in a way that reliably improves process efficiency and delivers measurable results, even amid the challenges they currently face,” says Horst Heckhorn, Senior Vice President, SAP Solutions at CENIT

Horst Heckhorn
Senior Vice President SAP Solutions


Outlook for 2023

The highlights of the new release of cenitCONNECT APM, planned for 2023, will include process management across the 3DEXPERIENCE and SAP platforms.

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