The COVID 19 Pandemic: CENIT Adopts Sweeping Measures

Top priority: Security and welfare of employees

Published 03/19/2020 | updated 02/10/2023

Stuttgart, March 19, 2020 – CENIT releases information on current measures to protect the company’s employees, clients and partners.

The COVID 19 Pandemic: CENIT Adopts Sweeping Measures

As coronavirus spreads across countries and continents, the entire world faces a new, unprecedented challenge posed by highly sensitive health concerns. Despite wide-ranging preventive measures, forecasts project major consequences for the development of the global economy in 2020. Negative impacts are expected for many businesses and industry sectors.

At this time, it cannot be predicted how these new conditions will affect CENIT’s specific business performance. However, the Directors and Management Board of CENIT AG are monitoring and evaluating current developments and their implications very carefully. Currently, our top priority is to safeguard the welfare of all CENIT employees and their families.

To best protect the health and safety of our staff and to permit them to continue working, CENIT AG already introduced a range of immediate measures on March 10, 2020. These will be adjusted depending on how the pandemic develops. Our enterprise is acting in line with recommendations by international, national and local authorities as well as those of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). 

In effect from March 10, 2020: Measures to safeguard the security and welfare of CENIT’s employees, clients, partners and suppliers

  • Working via home office: All activities will to the greatest extent possible be conducted via home office. Developers will work in isolation or from home.
  • Business travel: Travel for internal meetings is discontinued. Meetings – whether internal or with clients, partners or suppliers – will be conducted by phone or via appropriate conferencing systems. Business travel for personal meetings with clients is permitted only in exceptional circumstances and only following approval by management and in accordance with official regulations – and only if and when such travel is business critical and a virtual meeting cannot be arranged. However, such travel may only be made by private or company car. Business travel by air or public transport is prohibited.
  • Travel and participation in events: There shall be no participation in trade events and expos. International business travel is discontinued until further notice. Management has also issued the urgent recommendation that staff refrain from international travel for private purposes. Employees returning from private or business travel to a pandemic risk area are requested to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days.
  • Information: Additionally, CENIT has issued comprehensive information on the hygiene measures urgently recommended by the RKI in relation to coronavirus containment.Via Intranet, the Management Board of CENIT regularly informs employees on the current status of our measures and business-relevant decisions. In resolving all open questions and steps required regarding coronavirus, the Board is in continual consultation with a specially created crisis management team consisting of CENIT management staff.

Staying open for business in challenging times

Even in these uncertain times, CENIT’s contact partners will remain available to their customers, partners and suppliers. But not just we at CENIT find ourselves in an exceptional situation – so do our clients and partners. This may lead to the temporary interruption of projects and/or mean that CENIT staff are no longer able to conduct on-site activities for clients. CENIT endeavors to continue business operations to the greatest extent possible and will fulfill its obligations vis a vis its clients. However, the unequivocal precondition for this – and our top priority – is the health of our employees. It is the only basis for continued business operation and the only way in which we can continue to contribute to our clients’ success.

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