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Point to point programming with FASTTIP

Course ID DE014
Type Seminar

This training course will teach the basics of working with the CENIT FASTTIP software based on a customer-specific Process Implementation Kit (PIK). It covers offline programming on CAD generated geometrical data for NC machining as well as for robot operations.

Target group

Programmers for point-to-point processing, Users of CENIT’s FASTTIP software


"V5 basics for NC programmers" or "DELMIA V5 Robotics" for robot programmers

  • Creation of manufacturing programs based on available point definitions, e.g. CAD geometry, CATIA UDFs, external files
  • Working with CENIT FASTTIP Process Features
  • Sequenceing and optimization of point to point operations
  • Simulation and verification of program tool path
  • Program generation (download)
  • FASTTIP-relevant tools/options settings

5 days. The training course is usually conducted as an individual, customer specific workshop rather than a class training event.


USD Price on request

Unfortunately, there is no training date planned for this course. You are welcome to send us your request via the contact form. We will review this and contact you as soon as possible.

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Further participants

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