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Handling ad-hoc changes: simple & flexible

Dealing with ad-hoc changes in the product development & manufacturing process

What you will learn

You have to deal with individual orders and late change requests from your customers and integrate them seamlessly in the product development and (lot size 1) manufacturing process? Are you faced with the need to operate offline because no process or tool supports the flexibility and dynamic of your day-to-day business?

Learn how easily and flexibly a process can be digitally mapped in your company, helping you to manage and optimize your tasks and responsibilities.

About the webinar

Together, we look at a specific customer situation in the product development and manufacturing process. After receiving the order, the focus is on the consideration of all stakeholders for successful order processing. Shortly before the development release, we receive some ad-hoc change requests from the customer, which we jointly integrate into the process. Finally, we look at the impact of these individual adjustments on the overall course of the product development and manufacturing process.

Target group

  • Process owners
  • Product owners
  • Technical disciplines as part of a change (e.g. engineering, manufacturing, quality, purchasing)


Next date: 25.01.2023

Start time: 4:00 PM

Duration: 60 min