AI and Data continuity in FASTSUITE

How FASTSUITE changes offline programing by integrating data continuity and AI

What you will learn

  • What is data continuity for Arc Welding process.
  • How is data continuity ensured?
  • The burden of interactive path programing.
  • Automatic path optimization for 6x Arc welding.
  • Understanding the settings for Automatic path optimization.
  • Best practices of Automatic path optimization.
  • Advances in Automatic path optimization for Laser cutting process.

About the webinar

In this webinar we will explore how two new ideas revolutionize the way we do offline programing. Data continuity for making sure our end process and parts reflect the design that was originally intended and avoid costly errors during programing. And AI for Automatic path optimization to highly reduce the number of hours of tedious programing and improving the quality of the toolpath to the available limits.

Target group

  • Manufacturing Engineers and Technicians
  • Robotic Programmers
  • Mechatronic Engineers

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Duration: 35 min