Release Update for FASTSUITE Edition 2

Elevate your Offline Programming processes

New functionalities

Efficient Arc Welding Planning

Cuts automation quality costs by 50%, minimizes operator training, and improves cost estimation for higher competitiveness

Seam Search and Tracking

Boosts productivity by 4%, reducing labor needs, and enhancing weld quality, improving customer satisfaction.

Autonomous OLP with Path Optimization

Slashes prototyping and pilot phase costs by 50% and 95% respectively, while increasing production output by 3%.

Discover all new features we have launched on FASTSUITE

Israel, our Product Manager, will give you an introduction to our new Launch in FASTSUITE. Discover how you can benefit from the latest updates.

  • How to automatically optimize a complete Arc welding or Laser cutting process to avoid collisions, unreachability and get the best possible process angles.
  • How to use Laser sensors in combination with Arch welding to find or track the seams in a real production part.
  • How to transfer the welding process knowledge from a database to a final production program using our new Arc Welding cockpit.

Duration: 12 min

What's new for our technologie packages

Arc Welding

Discover paperless welding with end-to-end continuity. Our focus on weld technology shields users from OLP complexity. Benefit from numerous automation functions that significantly reduce programming time, ensuring no manual touch-up or downtime. Plus, get WPS support for process standardization.

Laser cutting

Enjoy quick job setup, including fixture building, and experience lightning-fast programming for efficient operations. Our automatic optimization and collision avoidance features will save you valuable time, while contour adjustments based on measurement data happen seamlessly.

Painting, Spraying, Coating (Surfacing)

With us, it's all about precision. Our parametric CAD-to-path trajectories deliver accuracy, while automatic technology event presets simplify your workflow. Visualize process coverage directly on the workpiece for ultimate control.


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