Automation simulation software

This webinar will showcase a typical 3D cell layout built with FASTSUITE

What you will learn

  • How to create and modify  3D layouts  with an automation simulation software
  • “Drag & Snap” function to position resources and to connect resources geometrically and logically
  • Easily create and manage components, including their geometry, kinematics, and even logical behavior.
  • Use 3D PDF

About the webinar

The instructor will use typical customer input (product data, tooling information, stipulations such as available floor space and cycle time requirements) and build an automation system in FASTSUITE E2. Reach studies, cycle time estimates and scope changes will be demonstrated and will trigger several iteration steps, adjusting the work cell to its final layout done with automation simulation software.

Target group

  • Automation Engineer
  • Robot Programmer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Mechatronic Engineer

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Duration: 52 Minutes