Optimized production plant in BIW automotive

From the change order to the optimized production plant

What you will learn

We will show you how to use FASTSUITE Edition 2 to better calculate, realize more efficiently and successfully complete the reconstruction of body shop facilities. Experience efficient contour programming and optimization, component handling, and cell synchronization using PLC logic.

About the webinar

From optimizing production utilization to changing joining- or manufacturing processes and to moving production facilities to new locations - the order to rebuild is increasing. A more efficient approach is a competitive advantage in any case.

Instead of working your way through trial & error and workarounds, you complete all steps with a user-friendly 3D simulation platform. Your digital plant twin makes all new retrofit tasks as easy as the offline programming of new components.

Learn about software automation using the example of technology packages for path processing.


  • Extension modification: Adjust requirements in the production process.
  • Process chain: Change process geometry and station.
  • Technology packages: Automated path programming through standards.
  • Plant logic: Realistic digital plant twin.

Target group

  • Robot Programmer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Mechatronic Engineer

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Duration: 45 Minutes