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6 Months Figures

Stuttgart, August 20, 2002 – CENIT AG Systemhaus reaffirms its original estimates for the current financial year. Based on our performance in the first six months of 2002, we are well on track to achieving positive consolidated earnings for the full financial year.

6-Monate 2002 Mio. EUR6-Monate 2001 Mio. EURVeränderung in Prozent
Umsatzerlöse45,8862,54- 26,6
Gross Profit26,4535,7- 25,9
Ergebnis pro Aktie unverwässert in EURO-0,19-1,3585,93
Ergebnis pro Aktie verwässert in EURO-0,19-1,2885,2
Anzahl der Mitarbeiter zum Ende der Periode590885- 33,33

The first six months of 2002 continue to be affected by the strained economic climate. Nevertheless, CENIT recorded incoming orders worth EUR 32.5 million. For the subsidiaries, business also turned out positive, meeting our expectations. Around 78% of consolidated revenues within the CENIT Group is generated in Germany. Here, revenues for the first six months of the 2002 financial year amounted to EUR 35.9 million. Gross profit stood at EUR 20.2 million. EBITDA amounted to EUR 0.75 million in Germany. A strong second quarter in Germany proved to be a key contributor within this respect. In Ger-many, EBIT for the first six months stood at minus EUR 0.1 million.

CENIT Schweiz AG generated revenues of EUR 1.09 million, with an EBIT of minus EUR 0.16 million. Spring Technologies / CENIT France posted revenues of EUR 9.28 million and a slightly below-par EBIT result of minus EUR 0.23 million. Our sales office CENIT North America recorded revenues of EUR 0.44 million and positive earnings before interest and taxes of EUR 0.12 million.

CENIT AG’s Cash Flow from operating activities amounted to EUR 4.28 million. At the end of the period under review, cash and cash equivalents were EUR 1.48 million. Staff costs for the Group fell by 28% relative to the previous year. Costs developed in accordance with our financial planning, and were reduced by 29% compared to 2001.

CENIT`s complete 6 Months Report is posted on CENIT`s webpage: www.cenit.com.

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