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CENIT AG reinforces internationalisation

CENIT Italy founded in Modena

Stuttgart, Modena May 22, 2001 –CENIT AG Systemhaus Group is extending its international presence with the foundation of CENIT Italy in Modena. CENIT Italy’s initial goal is the extension of existing business around Ferrari. For marketing CENIT’s services with the focus on e-engineering and e-business, Ferrari as a customer is an excellent reference, particularly in the automobile industry.

The current annual order volume at Ferrari is EUR 1.7 million and commits 17 CENIT employees.
CENIT expects Italy’s SME-oriented industry to place increasing value on services for the optimisation of business and product processes in the next few years. CENIT Group’s strengths lie precisely in this area. Medium-term CENIT will open its entire range of IT services to the Italian market.
With this step towards Italy, CENIT is now represented internationally in Germany, the USA, Mexico, Canada, France, the UK, Switzerland and Italy.

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