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CENIT suggests an extra dividend

Increase of capital stock out of corporate funds is intended

Disclosure in line with Article 15 of the Securities Trading Act

Stuttgart – February 28, 2006 – 09:30 a.m. – In order to participate the shareholders in the successful fiscal year 2005, the Executive Board as well as the Supervisory Board of CENIT AG Systemhaus will suggest on this year’s shareholders’ meeting an extra dividend of 30 Cent per share in addition to the dividend of 60 Cent per share already suggested.

Furthermore the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board suggest to increase the capital stock out of corporate funds. 4,183,879 € of current revenue reserves should be turned into capital stock. Consequently the amount of shares will be doubled into 8,367,758 shares. Therefore the shareholders will get one new share per share already held (ratio 1:1). The terms of the emission of the new shares will be announced subject to the acceptance of the shareholders’ meeting on time. Furthermore it will be suggested to fund 418,387.90 € from the revenue reserves into capital reserves.

The measures will be suggested to vote on the ordinary annual general meeting of the CENIT AG Systemhaus on the 13th June 2006.

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