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In the second quarter, CENIT achieved an EBIT margin by some 7% on increased sales

Ad hoc notification in line with Article §15 Securities Trading Act

Stuttgart, 29 July 2004 – An EBIT margin of 7% in the second quarter and a sales upturn of 7% in the first six months at CENIT AG underline the sustained nature of the continuing positive development at the IT consultancy company.

In the first six months, CENIT group sales totaled EUR 32.34 million (2003: EUR 30.30 million / 7%). Consolidated gross profit increased by 10% to EUR 22.51 million (2003: EUR 20.35 million). Consolidated EBITDA was EUR 2.12 million (2003: EUR 0.39 million / 443%). Consolidated EBIT at EUR 1.77 million (2003: EUR – 0.18 million / 1083%) reached the level of net income for the whole of 2003. Consolidated EBT was EUR 1.80 million (2003:EUR -0.21 million / 957%). The consolidated result was EUR 1.45 million (2003: EUR –0.21 million EUR/790%). Undiluted group EPS thus reached EUR 0.35 EUR (2003: - 0.05 EUR/ 800%).

Cash flow from operating activities in the group totaled EUR 1.52 million. The consolidated balance sheet total declined from EUR 24.29 million to EUR 21.39 million. The equity ratio improved from 41% as per December 31, 2003 to 54% at the end of the first six months. At the end of the reporting period equity totaled EUR 11.56 million (December 31, 2003: EUR 10.06 million).

Short-term liabilities to banks related only to lending on goods of EUR 0.9 million (December 31, 2003: EUR 3.25 million). CENIT is thus entirely without debt in relation to its commercial lending banks. As of June 30, 2004, cash and cash equivalents were EUR 8.1 million (December 31, 2003: EUR 7.15 million).

In particular, the extension of the consultancy business is proceeding as scheduled and has considerably improved the market position of CENIT in the Product Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Content Management and in Application Outsourcing markets. For the coming months further hirings are intended. The Executive Board anticipates that the positive sales and earnings trend will continue in 2004.

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