Johs. Pedersen A/S

Laser cutting processes in shorter time


  • Low productivity on the 3D laser machine
  • Manual teaching of operations
  • The precision of laser cutting was not satisfying


  • Use FASTSUITE for laser cutting, pressing, punching, robotic welding, 3D scanning and 3D printing
  • Build up of holding fixtures for the workpieces much faster and simpler in FASTSUITE


  • Reduce the programming time from four days to under an hour for complex parts.

About the company

Johs. Pedersen A/S is a manufacturer of body parts, exhaust systems, oil and fuel tanks for the automotive industry. The products are sold partly via JP Group a/s and also directly through larger car manufacturers with departments for classic cars, including Porsche and Mercedes.
Produce and renovate interior components for the railway industry.

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