Fully automated engraving or embossing of aluminum molds


Overall process

  • No delays: embossing is done shortly before the scheduled shipment

Offline programming

  • Programming methodology for embossing as an uncommon production technology in the industry
  • Programming a large number of operations at one time
  • Failure-free uploader (postprocessor)
  • Eliminate collisions between robot and workpiece or problems caused by singularities


  • Distances between individual stamps must lie within a certain range
  • Retain a hand-tooled appearance: high variety in stamp spacing and direction; no repetition of predefined stamping clouds


  • Offline programming up to 200 000 individual robot operations per mold
  • CENIT software service team developed suitable programming methodology based on FASTSUITE technology package and necessary downloader (postprocessor)
  • Simulation safeguards the process: robot can run for up to 24 hours without any manual intervention


  • Dramatically reduced throughout time by automating the highly complex manual process - from 12 weeks to 10 days
  • FASTSUITE proofed to be a powerful software suite for everyday automation tasks and special innovation projects
  • FASTSUITE Team developed a suitable programming methodology in close coordination with the client.

About the company

Meissner AG, founded in 1922, is located in the rural region between Siegen and Marburg. For about 100 years, the traditional company represents competence, reliability and innovation in the development, design and manufacture of prototype and series tools.

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