Mercedes-Benz AG, Plant Berlin

CENIT supports in the simulation of multi-stage manufacturing processes to increase quality and optimize process planning


  • The planning of economical and process-capable manufacturing processes is confronted with continuously increasing quality requirements of the customers
  • Changes in the production processes lead to high change costs and delays in the start of production


  • Simulation of multi-stage manufacturing processes, including clamping and reclamping operations
  • Fast concept comparisons through adaptation of the simulation models


  • Analysis results provide important information about the expected quality
  • Recognition of the factors influencing quality in the planning phase
  • Active error avoidance instead of error correction
  • Securing investments in new production processes

Why Cenit

  • Many years of know-how and expertise in tolerance management
  • Special knowledge in the analysis of multi-stage manufacturing processes in component production
  • Customer-oriented advice


About the company

The plant Berlin is high-tech location for component production with technologies to reduce CO2 emissions and an important part of the Powertrain Production Network.

As part of its digitization strategy, the Berlin plant is consistently implementing the Smart Factory concept and successfully using a wide range of technologies from the Industry 4.0 sector.