RISONG opens up market opportunities with digital factory platform


  • Improve competitive position by shortening sales cycle
  • Strengthen the portfolio by offering a powerful, open and scalable solution for the Digital Factory


  • Implementation of FASTSUITE Edition 2
  • Training of sales staff: 3D layout setup with FASTSUITE Edition 2
  • Training of production engineers: securing the layout (accessibility) and offline programming
  • Provision of suitable packages for FASTSUITE Edition 2 as part of RISONG turnkey solutions


  • The time line until the customer places the order has been greatly reduced:
    • Faster system layout with FASTSUITE Edition 2 Layoutbuilder
    • Faster layout validation through accessibility analysis
  • Productivity of internal workflows significantly increased
  • Simulation-based offline programming instead of time-consuming teaching
  • With FASTSUITE Edition 2, Risong can offer customers a powerful software tool that, as an open and scalable digital factory solution, meets the challenges of the Chinese market

About the company

  • RISONG Weldstone: Arc Welding with a focus on projects in heavy machinery (construction equipment, shipbuilding, heavy duty parts, etc.). Special skills on camera system integration for seam tracking and adaptive processes (workpiece position detection etc.).
  • RISONG Automation division: their focus is on robotics automation in general (small spot weld cells, handling cells, gluing, hemming, elevator production lines, etc.). Individual, customer driven projects.
  • HUKOTO Automotive division: their focus is on BiW assembly lines for car OEMs
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