SAY Carbon

CATIA for highest standards of design and functionality


  • Highest development requirements for design, functionality and quality
  • Convert innovations and ideas into digital models according to the highest standards
  • Software expansion option tailored to the situation


  • CATIA Engineering Excellence, ready to PLM
  • CATIA Mechanical & Shape Engineer Excellence


  • Shorten development time with increased quality demands
  • Investment security for the software products
  • Expandability far beyond CAD and simulation functionality

Why Cenit

  • Many years of expertise in the field of design and work with fibre composite materials
  • Reliable partner for software, implementation and training

About the company

SAY Carbon develops innovative powerboats with the central feature of a body made of 100% carbon fiber composite. Highest engineering skills and the experience from the automotive motor sport create boats which combine performance, comfort and economy through lightweight construction.

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