Robotics Start-up relies on the 3dexperience platform


  • Fast growing start-up with new employees who need to be trained
  • Knowledge gained should remain in the company
  • IP Protection
  • Old data stocks must be integrated
  • Increasing demand for clearly defined processes in product development
  • Increasing technical demands on construction
  • Linking of mechanical, electronic and software components
  • Low financial budget
  • No complex IT infrastructure is to be built


  • 3DEXPERIENCE on Cloud in the start-up offering
  • Data management
  • High-end design with CATIA V6
  • Outlook: Validations with Simulia and Marketing Content Creation with 3DEXCITE
  • CENIT Best Practice Workshops offer the opportunity to build up know-how and benefit from experience


  • Future-proof investment in a growing IT environment in product development
  • Cost-effective start-up conditions
  • Preconfigured processes and workflows save time and energy
  • Concentration on core competences
  • Reduced coordination efforts by working on a common, consistent database
  • Knowledge management with 3DEXPERIENCE Software and services from one source
  • Use the E-Learning Companions to build knowledge and integrate new employees

Why Cenit

As a deep-tech start-up, sewts is grateful for the support of CENIT AG, which helps us to plan an individual solution for our special requirements for a cloud-based development environment and to use it productively. We benefit from the experience and know-how of CENIT AG as our competent partner who supports us in our ambitious product development. Tim Doerks, Co-Founder sewts

About the company

At sewts, we empower industrial robots by giving them a human-like level of cognition intelligence and force-sensitivity. With our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms robots gain the ability to cope with uncertainty and novelty. Inspired by our experience and research we are specialized in processes dealing with easily deformable materials such as textiles and alike. Our patent pending technology provides our customer with truly innovative solutions across different industries and enables them to automate even their most labor-intensive and complex processes.