Stickel GmbH

Quality advantages for the production of small batches


  • Large number of different orders in small batch sizes
  • Downtimes incl. programming were correspondingly high and should be significantly reduced


  • One-off transfer of machine data via CAD (alternatively: measurement)
  • Transfer of CAD data for the respective workpieces
  • Based on this information: offline programming while machines remain active
  • Use of FASTSUITE Edition 2 as a platform for 3 different technologies: roller hemming, spot welding and gluing.


  • Due to the offline programming of the machines , the machine running time increases, which results in a higher capacity.
  • Enhanced flexibility because orders can now be processed “ad hoc”
  • Improved punctuality because the time-consuming and unpredictable process of manual teaching is eliminated
  • Competitiveness and higher customer satisfaction
  • Supposedly less rejects due to offline programming

Why Cenit

Partner of many years in the field of offline programming.

About the company

Stickel GmbH is a tech business from Swabia that specializes in sheet metal forming. Established in 1986, the company worked with highly demanding clients such as Porsche, growing in size to now almost 100 employees. This growth never resulted from high-volume orders, but rather from a steady increase in orders for prototype and spare part engineering, always in small to medium volumes.

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