Gruner relies on CENIT for digital value chain

Digitalized process continuity from engineering to series production

Published 03/22/2023

Gruner AG is pursuing end-to-end digitalization of all its value-adding processes. Digitalization partner CENIT is building the digital backbone based on a hybrid SAP landscape.

Gruner relies on CENIT for digital value chain

It’s often the medium-scale companies who write the best digitalization stories: Hidden champions like Gruner AG, a family-run innovation driver that employs over 400 staff. Deeply rooted in the Swabian town of Wehingen, Gruner is a global market leader for polarized bistable relays, and the company plays a major role as an internationally valued development and solutions partner for electromagnets and actuators. Gruner’s stringent innovation and quality standards are grounded in manufacturing depth, in-house prototyping and engineering for tooling and testing equipment. To ensure that its technology solutions remain viable in the long term, Gruner has developed a digitalization strategy aimed at end-to-end digitalization of the entire manufacturing process, from the tendering process through to series production. As implementation partner, Gruner chose a global player: IT, software and consulting provider CENIT.

The collaboration, initiated in 2023, will focus on consistent implementation of an “SAP First” strategy, by which all technological and value-adding information will be integrated into a hybrid SAP infrastructure, continually and consistently updated and made available throughout all stages of the process flow. In future, this data backbone will form the core of the entire digitalized value chain at Gruner, across all its distributed locations.

“Based on the hybrid approach we have chosen, we want to map all our core processes in SAP – from the tendering procedure to engineering, purchasing, series manufacturing and through to logistics – and thus achieve maximum efficiency”, says Martin Spreitzer, CEO of Gruner AG, in outlining the project’s objectives.

Gruner already expects to see initial, measurable results by mid-2023.

Digital continuity – from conceptualization to series production

The partners have defined a joint roadmap based on CENIT’s proven SAP PLM Foundation approach. The first step is to create an optimal process groundwork for the digitalization campaign: Initially, the methodology calls for a precise definition and optimization of the core value-adding processes. Next, it models these requirements on the software side in the SAP environment.

To meet the challenges of enhancing transparency, facilitating collaboration and boosting efficiency across all of Gruner’s product development processes, the partners are relying on SAP’s Enterprise Product Development solution (SAP EPD). SAP ECTR, on the other hand, will permit perfect integration of Gruner’s authoring system, seamlessly integrating the company’s engineering activities with the SAP landscape. For optimal orchestration of all process flows and for monitoring and reporting purposes, CENIT and Gruner will deploy CENIT’s highly scalable cenitCONNECT Advanced Process Management (APM) solution.

“For us at Gruner, the key objective is to optimize product development by reducing complexity, ensuring effective collaboration among our technical units and maximizing process standardization. We are certain that our partnership with CENIT and the approach we have chosen are ideally suited to achieving this goal”, says Dr. Wolfgang Spreitzer, CEO of Gruner AG.

“We are pleased that Gruner is taking a trust- and partnership-based approach to this project”, says CENIT CEO Peter Schneck. “In our position as Trusted Advisor to Gruner AG, our goal is to secure dynamic growth and innovative agility at Gruner AG, based on sustainable, strategically and procedurally planned digitalization in the years to come.”

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